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Part 48b Surface Annual Refresher 2024 (8 Hours)

This hybrid course is structured to meet the requirements of MSHA Part 48.28 Annual Refresher training. This course is intended for the experienced miner or mine contractor that has already completed New Miner training (24 hours). You will be required to send us your most recent MSHA 5000-23 certificate before a new one is issued to you. This course will be administered by a certified MSHA instructor. You are required to have a working webcam and microphone to take this course. Most laptops and notebooks already have this installed.

You instructor will assign some course work to be completed on your own. The course work includes training videos, presentations, lectures, handouts, exercises, and assignments. Your work will be evaluated using quizzes and your assignments will be graded by your instructor. Our Learning Management System (LMS) records every aspect of the training to ensure you complete all of the material in the course. After completion of this course work, you and your instructor will complete the course in an online virtual classroom using a webcam at a specific day and time. This session can usually be completed within two to three business days and are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, except major Federal holidays. During this virtual classroom session, your instructor will tailor the training to your job and the mine type you will be working at.

This training will be conducted in accordance with our Part 48 cooperative training plan. You are not required to have your own training plan unless you also work or visit a Part 46 mine site. If you work on Part 46 mine sites as well you will be required to have your own Part 48 training plan approved by MSHA. We can help you with this, just ask.

Will I Get a MSHA Certificate?

Upon completion of the online portion of the course a generic certificate will automatically be generated. This certificate is only to show completion of the online portion of the course. After the virtual classroom training is completed and your instructor verifies you have met all the requirements, he will email you a Part 48 training certificate (5000-23) signed by him.

Why Choose Mine Safety Campus for your MSHA training needs?

This course was developed by a veteran professional with over 20 years of mine safety experience. This course meets all MSHA requirements and uses a platform that makes training easy and fun.
  • Course Tutorial
  • Welcome Message
  • Important MSHA Standards
  • Common MSHA Citations and Standards
  • Section 1 Quiz
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Dangers of Low Voltage Electricity
  • MSHA Lock Out Tag Out Standards
  • Never Walk By an Unsafe Act
  • MSHA Lockout Tagout Handout
  • Section 2 Quiz
  • Fire Warning, firefighting, and evacuation Procedures
  • Fire Extinguishers and Inspections
  • How To Properly Use A Fire Extinguisher
  • Stop the Fire In Its Tracks
  • Managing a Mine Emergency
  • Emergency & Evacuation Exercise
  • Section 3 Quiz
  • Ground Control, Highwalls, Spoilbanks, Illumination & Night Work
  • The Hazards of Working at Night
  • Inspecting Highwalls
  • Proper Ground Control
  • Section 4 Quiz
  • Statuatory Rights of Miners
  • Miners Rights & Responsibilities
  • Miners Rights Handout
  • Section 5 Quiz
  • Traffic Patterns and Controls
  • Traffic Control for Surface Mine Operations
  • Traffic Control Guidlines
  • Fatalities Involving Large Mining Equipment
  • Section 6 Quiz
  • Hazard Recognition
  • Prevention of Accidents
  • Hazard Recognition Through Workplace Examinations
  • Equipment Pre-Shift Inspections
  • MSHA's Risk Assessment (SLAM)
  • Good Housekeeping Prevents Accidents
  • What Causes Accidents?
  • Section 7 Quiz
  • Powered Haulage
  • Mobile Equipment Safety
  • Seat Belts Saves Lives
  • MSHA Seat Belt Success Story
  • Powered Haulage - Get Them on Board
  • Powered Haulage Collision Prevention Handout
  • Conveyor Safety in Mining
  • Section 8 Quiz
  • Fall Prevention and Protection
  • Hierarchy of Fall Protection
  • The ABC's of Fall Protection
  • Fall Protection Can Save Your Life
  • Always Ultilize the Proper PPE for the Task
  • Fall Protection Handout
  • Section 9 Quiz
  • Health
  • Silica Safety Awareness
  • MSHA Respiratory Protection Awareness
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Heat Stress
  • Heat Stress Handout
  • Cold Weather Safety Tips
  • Cold Stress Handout
  • Back Safety & Proper Lifting
  • Section 10 Quiz
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • PPE Standards
  • PPE For Safety
  • Why You Need a Hard Hat
  • Eye Injuries Are Preventable
  • MSHA Hearing Protection Handout
  • Section 11 Quiz
  • Hazards of Working Around Water
  • Safety Around Water in Mining
  • Water-Related Fatality Handout
  • Section 12 Quiz
  • Hazard Communication (HAZCOM)
  • Hazardous Chemical Safety
  • HAZCOM-What You Need to Know
  • MSHA HAZCOM Handout
  • SDS Handout
  • Section 13 Quiz
  • First Aid Refresher
  • First Aid and CPR for the Mining Industry
  • Section 14 Quiz
  • Explosive/Blasting Safety
  • Explosive-Blasting Safety
  • Section 15 Quiz
  • Conclusion
  • Don't Take Short Cuts
  • Congratulations! Whats Next?
  • Schedule Your Live Session
  • Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year