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MSHA Part 46 New Miner (4 Hours)

MSHA requires that new miners receive no less than 4 hours of safety training before they begin work at a mine. This course is structured to meet the requirements of MSHA Part 46.5 New Miner training. This course is intended for the contractor or mine operator that needs the minimum 4 hours of MSHA training covering all the mandatory subjects required to begin work. New miners that have not completed the full 24 hours of training in 90 days must be observed by a trained miner at all times. If you are a contractor or mine operator looking for the minimum amount of training required by law to get a new hire on the job then this course is for you.

MSHA requires that your company has a training plan before receiving training. Mine Safety Campus must be added to your training plan as competent trainers for New Miner training. Don't have an MSHA training plan? Contact us and we can provide one at a minimal cost. Training plans are required by MSHA and will be asked for by the MSHA inspector.

Will I Get a MSHA Certificate?

Upon completion of the course a generic certificate will be generated. This certificate is only to show completion of the course. Once your instructor verifies you have met all the requirements, he will email you a MSHA approved Part 46 training certificate. This certificate will include all the subjects in the course and the time spent on each subject. The person listed on your training plan as the person responsible for health and safety must sign your training certificate to be valid. MSHA does not allow third party trainers like us to sign training certificates under Part 46.

Is Any Additional Training Required?

This course only covers the first 4 hours of new miner training, which is the minimum allowed for a new miner to begin work at a mine. 20 additional hours must be completed before the miner can work alone without the close observation of a trained miner. This training can be conducted by mine management, safety representative, or any person deemed competent on the subject matter. Any training relevant to mine safety or the miners specific job can be counted towards the 20 hours that will be needed. Even close observation of the trainee by a competent person can be counted as new miner training. Ideally, the person taking this course would receive task training on his/her specific job to complete the 24 hours of required training. You have 90 days to complete the full 24 hours of training.

Why Choose Mine Safety Campus for your MSHA training needs?

This course was developed by a veteran professional with over 20 years of mine safety experience. This course meets all MSHA requirements and uses a platform that makes training easy and fun.
  • Course Introduction
  • Course Tutorial Video
  • Introduction To The Work Environment
  • Introduction To The Mining Environment
  • Who Is MSHA?
  • What Causes Accidents?
  • Site Specific Training
  • Section 1 Quiz
  • Recognition And Avoidance Of Electrical & Other Hazards
  • Hazard Recognition Through Workplace Examinations
  • Safety Inspections Of Mining Equipment
  • Dangers of Low Voltage Electricity
  • MSHA Lock Out Tag Out Standards
  • MSHA Lockout Tagout Handout
  • Section 2 Quiz
  • Fire Warning Signals & Firefighting
  • Fire Extinguishers and Inspections
  • How To Properly Use A Fire Extinguisher
  • Section 3 Quiz
  • Emergency Medical Procedures; Escape & Emergency Evacuation
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency & Evacuation Exercise 1
  • Emergency & Evacuation Exercise 2
  • Section 4 Quiz
  • Health & Safety Aspects Of The Tasks To Be Assigned
  • Traffic Control for Surface Mine Operations
  • Conveyor Safety in Mining
  • Mobile Equipment Safety
  • Powered Haulage Collision Prevention Flyer.pdf
  • Safety Around Water in Mining
  • Water-Related Fatalities Handout
  • The Hazards of Working at Night
  • Section 5 Quiz
  • Statuatory Rights of Miners and their representatives
  • Miners Rights & Responsibility
  • Miners Rights Handout
  • Section 6 Quiz
  • Authority and responsibilities of supervisors and miners’ representatives
  • A Supervisor's Role
  • Section 7 Quiz
  • Introduction to rules and procedures for reporting hazards
  • Reporting Hazards Presentation
  • The Incident
  • MSHA Program Information Bullitin Handout
  • Section 8 Quiz
  • Conclusion
  • Make it Safe, Make it Personal, Make it Home
  • Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 3 months